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Small smile

August 2009



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Aug. 8th, 2009


[Locked to Trin]

I'm coming over. I bring alcohol.

Dec. 1st, 2008

Small smile

[OOC] ColorGenics profile

Not exactly accurate, but closeCollapse )

Jun. 4th, 2008

Bigass knife

[OOC] Storylines

Der Sohn - Egon has no idea that he has a son, let alone that he is about to meet him face-to-face. He knows absolutely nothing about being a father and will be reluctant to start forming family bonds out of fear he will want to give up his calling. [paranoideloi/Eloi Laurent]

Der Feldherr - Egon has flown solo for most of his life, but he is willing to work with other local angels to avoid conflicting goals. He will take orders from one person, and one person alone. [One opening for an angel, probably Romana]

Das Scheusel - Egon isn't happy unless he has a target, someone to stalk and hunt. He won't kill them right away, but he will be keeping a close eye on their activities, planning his strike carefully. [One opening for a demon]

Die Damen - Egon is quite fond of sex, and should any of the local ladies need a night of passion with no strings attached, he will be happy to oblige. Anything deeper than that and he will leave at the first opportunity. [Always open to female non-angels and non-demons]
Note: This will only go as far as fade-to-black, as I'm not totally comfortable with RPing graphic sex scenes.
Wings out

[OOC] Profile

Name: Egon Lothar
Age/Birthdate: 241 years, born 22 May 1767
Species: Angel
Type: Archangel
Canon: Rift (OC)
Played By: Michael C. Hall

Appearance: Five-foot-ten, hazel eyes, short reddish-brown hair. Appears to be in his late thirties. His wings are solid brown on the back, and white with black mottling underneath, much like an osprey's wings. When his wings are hidden, he has a pair of long scars that mark their presence.

Personality: Generally pretty serious. He dislikes meaningless conversation and prefers to get down to business most of the time, unless he's in a really good mood. He's rather fond of humans as a species, and has been known to have one-night-stands with human women if they're in need of just plain sex with no strings attached, but his duty of demon slaying is always his top priority so he never sticks around for long afterwards. He's afraid of forming any kind of relationship for fear it will become more important than his duty, so he tries to stay professional. He's pretty patient when it comes to tracking down his prey, and has been known to spend years waiting for the right moment to strike.

History: Egon was born in Germany in 1767 to a peasant woman. His father, an angel of knowledge, was killed by a demon before he was born. His mother mostly ignored him, as she never wanted children in the first place. He learned basic swordplay from a local blacksmith in his early teens, and when he gained his wings at age sixteen and learned of his heritage, he left home to find a sword master to teach him more complex forms. He spent the next ten years refining his skills before leaping into the business of killing demons.

Egon worked his way across Europe and parts of Asia and Africa in pursuit of various demons, avoiding getting involved in various wars along the way. In 1897 he was in the UK in between kills, and had a brief fling with a human woman named Vivian Laurent. Unknown to him, their union resulted in a child that she named Eloi.

Egon's demon hunting eventually led him to Canada and down through the western United States, rarely encountering another angel in all his travels. Eventually, rumors of a large concentration of angels and demons caught his interest, and he made his way to Chicago.

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